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Lori LeBlanc’s Remarks at Well Control Rule Announcement

Gulf Economic Survival Team’s Lori LeBlanc shared the following remarks with government officials, local business and community leaders, and Gulf energy workers gathered at Port Fourchon for the BSEE’s announcement of the Well Control Rule at Port Fourchon:

Thank you Director Angelle and good afternoon to all of you here today.

You may recall that about nine years ago, on June 10, 2010, then-Lt. Governor Scott Angelle, local and state leaders and I joined hundreds of men and women who proudly work each day to produce American oil and gas for a rally right here at Port Fourchon.

We joined together to demonstrate how much America depends on the Gulf oil and gas industry and how much our local families and communities depend on the jobs this industry creates.

It was on that day in 2010 that the Gulf Economic Survival Teamwas born – a grassroots advocacy group committed to swiftly ending a needless deepwater moratorium, to putting Americans back to work in the Gulf, and to advocating against regulatory burdens that cripple America’s oil and gas industry and Louisiana’s local service companies.

For the past nine years, we have worked diligently to clarify offshore regulations in order to achieve full production of American energy in the Gulf in a safe and environmentally protective manner.  AND to protect the jobs that fuel this nation and our community.

The Obama administration’s release of the 2016 Well Control Rule had a detrimental impact on our offshore industry without any relevant improvements to safety and environmental protections.

We appreciate BSEE’s efforts to consult with leading technical experts to re-write and finalize a new Well Control Rule that we anticipate will eliminate ambiguities and clarify some of the significant flaws in the original Rule.

Our offshore workers deserve a REVISED & FINAL Well Control Rule that IMPROVES, rather than undermines, offshore safety.

The offshore oil and gas industry is the foundation of our local economy as many of our brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles and neighbors depend on the industry to provide the income to feed their families and to pay their mortgage.  We recognize that offshore operators have a choice as to where they invest their capital expenditures – whether it be in the Gulf or in Guyana.  And when they invest in the Gulf they invest in our local communities and American jobs.

BSEE’s regulatory reform efforts are critical to ensuring the Gulf of Mexico is the most competitive offshore energy basin and the safest energy basin in the WORLD so that industry can CREATE AMERICAN JOBS, PRODUCE AMERICAN ENERGY and ENSURE AMERICAN ENERGY DOMINANCE for many years to come!

Today, the Gulf Economic Survival Team is pleased to announce that we are now the Gulf Energy STRONG Team where we can now support the STRENGTH of American Energy that the Gulf provides our families, local communities, the federal treasury, and of course Americans everywhere who rely on fuel for their homes and businesses.  We hope you will raise your voice with ours to support Gulf Energy and Gulf Energy Workers!!  Our Motto is:  Gulf Proud Energy Strong!