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GEST Champions Gulf of Mexico Energy Production and American Energy Workers at Consumer Energy Alliance Event

By: Gulf Economic Survival Team


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(NEW ORLEANS) Gulf Economic Survival Team Director Lori LeBlanc today advocated for continued energy production in the Gulf of Mexico and support of American energy workers who fuel this nation during a news conference hosted by the Consumer Energy Alliance. The media event was held ahead of a Bureau of Ocean Energy Management informational meeting on the 2017-2022 federal leasing program.

“Today we come out to champion the continued production of American energy in the Gulf of Mexico and the continued support of American energy workers who help fuel cars, homes, and businesses for Americans everywhere,” LeBlanc said. “The total economic impact of Gulf energy is immense.  It creates jobs in every state in the U.S., with some 430,000 jobs nationwide estimated to link to Gulf energy activity, along with tens of thousands here in Louisiana alone.”

“Those of us on the Gulf Coast are proud to produce the energy to fuel America and we recognize that Gulf oil accounts for nearly one-fifth of our nation’s oil production. The U.S. Treasury directly benefits to the tune of over $5 to $8 billion dollars each year from energy production in the Gulf — making it one of the largest revenue streams for the federal government,” she continued.

“As Louisiana has become a leader in producing American Energy, we have also become leaders in balancing energy production with environmental stewardship.  In this unique slice of America, we have demonstrated we can fuel America and at the same time provide the nation with over 20 percent of the nation’s commercial fisheries catch.  Thus, we are known as the Energy State as well as the Sportsman’s Paradise,” LeBlanc added.

“And while others may wish to shut down our Gulf of Mexico, let’s remind ourselves who will pay the ultimate price… it will be the middle class Americans who work on the front lines of producing American energy; it will be the American citizen who pays more at the pump and more for consumer goods; and it will be the American tax payer who is losing out on the additional revenues generated by the oil and gas industry,” she concluded.

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