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President Trump Signs “Offshore Energy Development” Executive Order


Gulf Economic Survival Team (GEST) Executive Director Lori LeBlanc today issued the following statement on President Donald Trump’s executive order to call for a review of the locations available for offshore oil and gas exploration and of certain regulations governing offshore oil and gas exploration, The “Offshore Energy Development” Executive Order.

“GEST commends President Trump’s executive order to review offshore oil and gas drilling exploration locations as well as the regulations, which is a positive first step for the industry towards creating American jobs and boosting our national economy. Trump proves he is making our country’s economic growth and job creation a priority by allowing the oil and gas industry to rightfully seek offshore drilling opportunities, struck by burdensome and unjust regulations from the previous administration.

“GEST looks forward to collaborating with President Trump, who values the oil and gas offshore industry and ultimately the hard working American men and women. Although Trump’s executive order is a review, we are hopeful it will proceed in uplifting predecessor Barack Obama’s permanent ban on new oil and gas drilling in federal waters.  With approximately 94% of our nation’s OCS off limits to offshore production, expanding offshore oil and gas exploration provides tremendous opportunities for creating good-paying jobs and to meet America’s ever-growing energy needs with American energy.

“Furthermore, we are confident Trump will provide sensible regulations that promote safety and environmental protection, and develop a strong American energy plan to restore our nation’s economic future, especially offshore production in America’s Gulf.”

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