of America’s domestic oil and 5% of natural gas is produced in the Gulf


American jobs directly or indirectly tied to Gulf energy industry

$44.5 billion

National economic impact of Gulf energy production


Barrels per day of oil produced in America’s Gulf in 2015

The Gulf of Mexico is America’s powerhouse, providing 16 percent of our nation’s domestic crude oil supply. Energy production in America’s Gulf contributes an estimated $44.5 billion to our national economy and supports approximately 430,000 American jobs. Gulf Energy Fuels America! The Gulf Economic Survival Team (GEST) is focused on promoting the significance of Gulf energy to America and achieving full production of this important economic resource in a safe and environmentally protective manner. Learn more about GEST

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Balance needed in new drilling rules

HoumaToday.com – Opinions The oil industry has fretted for months about the U.S. Interior Department’s expected rule changes for drilling. The industry says the new rules could cost oil companies billions of dollars and could mean the loss of more than 100,000 jobs. The Interior Department estimates the cost of compliance at less than $1 billion [...]

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