Archived News - March 2016

Louisiana lays into White House over BP oil spill regs

By:  JOHN SICILIANO, Washington Examiner   The White House got an earful from Louisiana’s new Democratic governor during a sitdown meeting this week on expensive new rules proposed in response to the catastrophic 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Gov. John Bel Edwards does not support the regulations, which he describes as [...]

Drillers Shrug at Once-Coveted Oil Leases and U.S. Revenue Flags

By:  Jennifer Dlouhy   Cheap oil may be a boon to U.S. motorists who are paying less at the pump, but it’s costing the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Just 30 companies showed up for a government auction of offshore oil and gas leases on Wednesday, plunking down $156 million [...]

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